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Ksenia Kolesnikova


Artist Bio: I was born and raised in Russia, in a family of artists. And can’t imagine my life without art, without creative process. From early childhood I saw as my father, the sculptor, cuts marble, wood, metal. In addition to sculpture, my father loved to draw sketches and outline with soft materials and draw graphics. My mother is also a professional artist and also a teacher of painting and art history. I appreciate this invaluable knowledge and experience that they gave me.

Motorcycle is for me a very interesting nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Drawing of the motorcycle I’m primarily trying to convey his impression of the exterior motorcycle, it attracts me with its personality, unbridled energy and history. With the help of color and texture with oil paints – I convey the atmosphere of the city, the state of nature and the nature of each of my bike. I was particularly attracted by the old (old-school) motorcycles, they have a special charm, personality and energy, but on my paintings can be seen and modern models. I like that new and old (old school) coexist side by side in the modern world. Thereby maintaining a connection of times and generations.

I’m not a biker. I’m an artist, and using paint I try to reflect those emotions that are “deep inside”, and inspire me – a thirst for adventure, speed, adrenaline, drive.

"I am fortunate to have two of Ksenia's works displayed in my home. They truly capture the excitement of the riding lifestyle and are a constant source of conversation and complement." - Brian


New Releases

The paintings below have just been completed and are available for sale through this site.

Contact us for inquiries regarding commissioning original art work.

Works in Process

The paintings below are currently being completed and will soon be available for sale through this site.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Visit the Fueled Store for more of Ksenia's art work that is available for purchase.


Works on Display

The paintings below are featured in a gallery exhibit and provide perspective of the size and scale of each piece.

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